Ludo's Quest

The Story

A long time ago lived a small boy called Ludo. Ludo lived in Piedmont, a small village at the foot of mount Massif. The mountain was a scary place upon which was erected castle Monfort, a relic from the past. Legends speak of an evil man who lived in the castle and had the ability to bring back people from the dead and control them.

One day, an army of living dead kidnapped all villagers. All but one. Ludo escaped unnoticed napping in a stack of hay. He fell asleep after an exhausting knight-training session with sword and armor. Only to be awakened by the screams of the villagers being hoarded away to castle Montfort. Ludo is brave, resilient and resourceful. So starts his quest to free the villagers of Piedmont, to free his friends and family.


All the curious characters part of this story.


Ludo is the hero of this game. Small courageous boy with dreams of being knighted one day. By saving the villagers, he has good chances of becoming Knight Ludo. Help him in his quest.


Spider wanders without purpose. Thinking about what to eat next. She sometimes hides in barrels and crates. Watch out for her bite.


Skully is back from the dead with a vengeance. Don't get in his way or you'll meet his axe.


Lancy is Skully's acolyte. He has a long reach with his spear.


Bart the bat is really annoying. Pushing you off platforms to your doom. Get rid of him before its too late.


Axel has witt. Partolling the areas to make sure you don't reach Castle Monfort. Watch out for axes thrown your way.


Orcules is not too smart. But his big hammer shakes the ground making you loose balance.


Vandaft is the villain and mastermind living atop the castle. Powerful he is able to bring back the dead to life. He's holding all villagers in castle Montfort's dongeon. Help Ludo free them.