Ludo's Quest

About the Game

Ludo's Quest is a mobile-first side-scrolling platform game inspired from Super Mario Bros and Ghosts n' Goblins. It targets kids around 6 to 12, but is just as fun for adults.

Ludo's Quest includes Maker, a user generated level editor. Allows anyone to build their own levels to share with their friends.

Ludo's Quest was designed for iOS, specifically for the iPad. Since it was written in HTML5, it works just as well in your browser.

Let's Play and YouTube Videos

You can make videos of this game in any shape or form. Just make sure to contact me

The Team

Ludo's Quest was designed, programmed and released by me, Martin Drapeau. Graphics and music were done by awesome artists I found on the web. Most of these are non-exclusive meaning you can purchase and use those assets for your own projects. Let me introduce you to these great artists:

Zach Striefel

The soundtrack and effects were all composed by Zach Striefel. Zach was monumental in bringing this game to life by providing an awesome soundtrack you don't get tired of listening to over and over as you play. Not to mention the great work on sound effects.

Zuhria Alfitra aka pzUH

Zuhria designed most of the graphics in these games. Very polished and easy to integrate. Checkout his website

Sophie Bédard

Sophie conceived the introduction and conclusion comics. Extremely easy to work with I strongly encourage any indie dev studio to ask for her help. Checkout her amazing online comic Glorieux Printemps. You can reach her there.

Tiệp Nguyễn

Tiệp brought Vandaft the villain to life. He also came up with his name! You can find Tiệp's work on Graphic River.

Other Artists

Graphic assets come from other great artists on Graphic River and Game Dev Market.

Ludovic & Emilia

My 7-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl who helped to bounce off ideas and play-test the game. Merci pour votre patience et encouragement les enfants.

Martin Drapeau

I'm a father of 3 and the CTO at Amilia. I'm also an amateur tennis player and a game dev hobbyist. Writing and marketing this game is a hobby. I'm no full-time indie. Just a guy writing a game I want to play on my iPhone in the metro. A game I hope my kids and their friends will also enjoy.

The Technology

Ludo's Quest was written in Javascript, using Canvas. It is an HTML5 game tuned for mobile, and thanks to Ludei it is optimized for iOS and Android. Many thanks to the following folks and the tools/libraries they've built. Ludo's Quest could not exist in its current form without them.

Bacbone.js - Jeremy Ashkenas

In 2009, Jeremy launched Backbone.js, one of the Javascript libraries which helped to revolutionize front-end web development. Ludo's Quest was built with Backbone Game Engine, a framework I built on Backbone. I tip my hat to you Jeremy. - Ludei compiles Javascript to native in one click. Many thanks to the folks at Ludei for building Canvas+, the accelerated HTML5 canvas that makes Ludo's Quest run so fast on mobile. Special thanks to their support team for answering my many questions, and fixing bugs when I find them.

Simple Javascript quadtree - asaarinen

This great developer built Simple Javascript quadtree, the Quad-tree used in Backbone Game Engine.

backbone.native - Logan Smyth

Logan Smyth from inkling built backbone.native, a replacement for jQuery in Backbone. This allowed for Backbone to work DOMless, a necessity for Canvas+.

The Making of

This game took 1 year to develop (checkout the dev log and dev faq), with another year prior to build the framework Backbone Game Engine. All work was done during evenings, 8 to 10, and early morning on the weekends.

Checkout my blog, and this article about my journey to bring an HTML5 game to life on mobile. As I embark the marketing phase of this project, I'll be posting more and more on adoption and sale figures.